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512.2 Underpass or tunnel

ISSprOM 2019-2
512.2 Underpass or tunnel (ISSprOM 2019-2)

Geometry: line.


An underpass or a tunnel is a passage running underneath the ground or a building, especially a passage for pedestrians or vehicles. A cartographic gap of 0.2 mm shall apply at the beginning and the end of the line. The line is only used when there is no other barrier line defining the extent of the lower level area.
For very short underpasses or tunnels where there is not enough space for a line of minimum length, the line can be omitted if the area is also delimited by the symbol Area runnable at lower level (512.3).


Minimum length: 2 dashes at full size (0.7 mm – footprint 2.8 m).

Colour: black.


The definition of this map symbol was updated on 02.01.2022: Change of size: 0.25 x 0.25 –> 0.25 x 0.2 mm; Change of gap: 0.25 –> 0.2 mm.

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