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512.1 Bridge or tunnel entrance

ISSprOM 2019-2
512.1 Bridge or tunnel entrance (ISSprOM 2019-2)

Geometry: line.


A bridge is a structure spanning and permitting passage over a river, chasm, road or the like. A simple bridge, where it is possible to pass underneath, is represented by this symbol. A cartographic gap of 0.15 mm shall apply to the black objects pointing towards the peaks of the triangles. Special attention must be paid to the drawing of sharp angles.
A simple bridge, which cannot be passed underneath, shall be represented using symbol Uncrossable wall (515).


Minimum: one triangle in complex situation (should be avoided), two triangles in a standalone situation.

Colour: black.


The definition of this map symbol was updated on 02.01.2022: Change of the name of the symbol; New symbol graphics.

Correct examples