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201 Uncrossable cliff

ISSprOM 2019-2
201 Uncrossable cliff (ISSprOM 2019-2)

Geometry: line.


An uncrossable cliff, quarry or earth bank (see symbol Earth bank 104).
Tags are drawn downwards, showing its full extent from the top line to the foot.
For vertical rock faces the tags may be omitted if space is short, e.g. narrow passages between cliffs (the passage should be drawn with a width of at least 0.4 mm). The tags may extend over an area symbol representing detail immediately below the rock face. When a rock face drops straight into water, making it impossible to pass under the cliff along the water’s edge, the bank line is omitted or the tags shall clearly extend over the bank line. An uncrossable cliff should interplay with the contour lines.


Minimum height: 1.5 m.

Minimum length: 1.1 mm (footprint 4.4 m).

Colour: black.


The definition of this map symbol was updated on 02.01.2022: Change of the name of the symbol; Correction of dimensioning corresponding to the precise definition of symbols.

The definition of this map symbol was updated on 15.02.2022: Correction of minimum sizes.

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