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501.3 Paved area with scattered trees

ISSprOM 2019-2
501.3 Paved area with scattered trees (ISSprOM 2019-2)

Geometry: area.


Area with scattered trees or bushes in a paved area.


Minimum width: 2.2 mm

Minimum area: 6.25 mm² (footprint 100 m²). Smaller areas must be left out, exaggerated or shown using the symbol Paved area (501).

Colour: brown 30% (50%) with holes of white.


The definition of this map symbol was updated on 17.05.2020:

  • Correction of the symbol for exaggeration from Open Land (401) to Paved area (501)
  • Complementing 50% to the colour brown;
  • Correction of the percentage in the graphic: 30% (50%)

Correct examples