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520 Area that shall not be entered

ISOM 2017-2
520 Area that shall not be entered (ISOM 2017-2)

Geometry: area.


An out-of-bounds area is a feature such as a private house, a garden, a factory or another industrial area. Only contours and prominent features such as railways and large buildings shall be shown inside an out-of-bounds area.
The area shall be discontinued where a path goes through and white colour is used as background with overlap 0.15 mm on both sides. Out-of-bound areas with a clear border shall be bounded by a black boundary line or another black line, if the border is unclear no black line shall occur.
Course planning symbol 709 can be used for temporary out-of bounds areas.
An out-of-bounds area shall not be entered.


Minimum area: 1 mm x 1 mm (footprint 15 m x 15 m).

Colour: yellow + green 50%.


The definition of this map symbol was updated on 15.02.2022: Correction of minimum size.

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