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113 Broken ground

ISOM 2017-2
113 Broken ground (ISOM 2017-2)

Geometry: area.


An area of pits and / or knolls which is too intricate to be shown in detail, or other types of rough and uneven ground that is clearly distinguishable but has little impact on runnability.

The dots should be randomly distributed but not interfere with the representation of important terrain features and objects.

Contours should not be cut in broken ground areas.

The dots shall not be arranged to form a single point wide line.


The minimum number of dots: 3 (three)

Footprint : 10 m x 10 m

The maximum distance (centre to centre) between neighbouring dots: 0.6 mm.

The minimum distance (centre to centre) between neighbouring dots: 0.5 mm.

Density: 3-4 dots / mm2.

Colour: brown.

Correct examples