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201 Impassable cliff

ISOM 2017-2
201 Impassable cliff (ISOM 2017-2)

Geometry: line.


A cliff, quarry or earth bank that is so high and steep that it is impossible to pass/climb or is dangerous. For vertical rock faces the tags may be omitted if space is short. Ends of the top line may be rounded or square. Shorter tags may be used at the ends.

When an impassable cliff drops straight into water, making it impossible to pass under the cliff along the water’s edge, the bank line is omitted or the tags shall clearly extend over the bank line.

An impassable cliff should interplay with the contour lines.


Minimum length: 0.6 mm (footprint 9 m).

The gap between two impassable cliffs or between impassable cliffs and other impassable feature symbols must exceed 0.25 mm on the map.

Colour: black.


The definition of this map symbol was updated on 16.09.2022: Correction of the graphic of the symbol.

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