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826 Rough open land, permitted to ride

826 Rough open land, permitted to ride (ISMTBOM 2022)

Geometry: area.


Heath, moorland, felled areas, newly planted areas (trees lower than ca. 1 m) or other generally open land with rough ground vegetation, heather or tall grass that is permitted to ride, when off-track riding is otherwise forbidden. The permitted area should have obvious borders or be marked in the terrain.
Smaller areas must either be left out, exaggerated or shown using
symbol Open land, permitted to ride (824). The symbol is orientated to north.


Minimum width: 1.5 mm (footprint 22.5 m).

Minimum area: 4 mm2.

Colour: orange (60% magenta, 100% yellow).


Riding is permitted.

On the printed map a clear colour differentiation must exist between this colour and yellow 100%.