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404 Rough open land with scattered trees

ISMTBOM 404 Rough open land with scattered trees

Geometry: area.


Scattered trees in rough open land, typically long grass areas. It is not recommended to add individual Prominent large tree (417) or Special vegetation feature (419), unless they are exceptionally distinct from surroundings and provide a navigation feature or control point, when shortcutting is permitted. Smaller areas must either be left out, exaggerated or shown using symbol Open land (401).
The symbol is orientated to north.


Minimum width: 0.6 mm (footprint 9 m).

Minimum area: 6 mm2.

Colour: yellow 50% with holes of white or green 60%.


The definition of this map symbol was updated on 01.02.2023: Change in graphics. Dot size 0.7 –> 0.8 mm.