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716 Forbidden route, forbidden to cross

ISSkiOM 2019
716 Forbidden route, forbidden to cross (ISSkiOM 2019 rev 2)

Geometry: line.


Linear features marked with the forbidden route symbol can not be followed, and can not be crossed except at specially marked crossing points. Do not enter road regardless of whether the road is badly plowed, ice-covered, no traffic etc.

A route which is out of bounds and forbidden to cross is shown with a zigzag. The zigzag line should be as continuous as possible. If there is a crossing point over the forbidden route, it shall be presented like a gate by two perpendicular lines over the forbidden route. Also a longer crossing section shall be presented clearly on the map by using the perpendicular lines at the end of the zigzag lines.


Colour: purple (upper purple).


  • renumbering of symbol: 814 -> 716;
  • shifting to the chapter course planning symbols;
  • more precise symbol definition.