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This page gives examples of citing different types of sources using the APA (7th edition) citation style. References can be compiled manually, but using free citation managers like Zotero or Google Scholar can make the job easier.

In text citation

The symbols in a map have limitations with respect to their minimal size. In order to render map symbols legible, to show their difference in size and to reproduce them with no difficulties, minimum sizes and minimum distances must be determined and recommended (Spiess et al., 2005). To minimum dimensions Zentai (2011) notes, that the reproduction method is the another factor considerably affecting the legibility of the orienteering maps.



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Book chapter

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Journal article

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Conference paper

Petrovič, D. (2011). Some experiences in making orienteering maps in Slovenia from airborne laser scanning data. Proceedings of the 25th International Cartographic Conference, 3–8.


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Web page

OCAD AG. (2021). OCAD Wiki.